Wouldn’t it be great if you could put your Notion workspace to work for you? While you’re planning and processing task items, your workspace could be processing those seemingly little things that take up your time.
Remove roadblocks in your workflow. Free up your time and focus on achieving your goals.

Automations I’ve Built

Some of the automations I’ve created for Notion include:
  • Social Media Manager. Post directly to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter directly from Notion and track analytical data.
  • Recurring tasks.
  • Notion time tracker.
  • Automatically change the status of a task.
  • Receive a Daily Agenda Email with a summary of the tasks that are due that day.
  • Copy text from one page and paste into another when a check box is checked.
  • Receive and manage emails in Notion.
  • Generate PDFs from a Notion page and save it in google docs or email to others.
  • Add calendar items as tasks or add tasks as calendar items.

Apps I’m Proficient In Using

notion image
notion image

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